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The banner shows an arial view of a table where a patient has lain their arm to have someone across the table from them taking their blood pressure.

Improv Rx: Patient Care

Connection and Communication Skills for Healthcare Providers

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Service Description

This interactive and dynamic workshop is designed to enhance the communication skills, resilience, and flexibility of healthcare professionals. Through the principles of improvisational theater, participants will engage in a series of fun and collaborative activities that reflect the unpredictable nature of healthcare environments. In this workshop, healthcare providers will learn to think on their feet, adapt to unexpected challenges, and communicate effectively in high-pressure situations. Through improv exercises, participants will develop a keen sense of active listening, quick decision-making, and the ability to convey empathy with patients, colleagues, and multidisciplinary teams. Who it’s for: Patient-facing healthcare professionals of all types. Skills Focus: Communication skills (active listening, plain language communication), building trust with patients, flexibility, resilience (preventing/healing from burnout)

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