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Outcomes & Testimonials

We design workshops that are highly effective, engaging, and enjoyable - and we can prove it!

"[The workshop] brought me out of my shell and had me rethink my communication patterns."

- Emma, Community Improv Workshop participant

92% of participants

say they achieved 

their objectives.

Objectives are set during the design phase of the workshop, and are tailored to your (team's) needs. They can range from  enhancing creativity to fostering humility, and beyond.

Participants rated our workshops an average 4.8 stars in applicability, accessibility, and FUN!

We take feedback very seriously, and are always looking to improve. We hope to soon be able to fill in the remainder of the fifth star!

"I found it really valuable to see my teammates make creative communication choices...It expanded my mind to the many possibilities of what communication and play can look like.

- Mary, Community Improv Workshop Participant

"Phenomenally useful and helpful session."

- Anonymous Participant
2023 Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

Participants reported a 34% improvement in their knowledge of the targeted skills

Our goal is to equip our participants with the knowledge and tools to unlock their own potential. Check back soon for data on long-term outcomes of our workshops!

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