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The Community Improv Workshop Series Banner shows Jesse, our Facilitator-in-Cheif, standing in front of workshop participants in an art gallery. Jesse is standing with legs wide, arms out to their sides, palms facing the camera, and a huge smile as if mid-laugh.

Community Improv Workshop Series

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Join us for playtime once a month to connect with your community and develop your skills!

  • $15-$25, at the door
  • Feldenkrais Institute

Service Description

Are you looking to break out of your shell, meet some new people, improve your communication skills, and have a sweet silly time? Our monthly community improv class is for you! No prior improv experience or regular commitment necessary, just an open mind. Who it’s for: Anyone looking to play their way to better communication, more flexibility, and ability to find the game in whatever situation life throws at them! Learn the fundamentals of improv and how they apply to your daily life. Skills Focus: Public speaking, community building/connecting, growing confidence, embracing mistakes as opportunities.

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