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Adaptive Leadership Lab

Applied Improv for Leadership

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Service Description

The Adaptive Leadership Lab houses three focuses: Communication, Cultivating Creativity, and Fostering Connection. Communication: Explore the power of communication through improv techniques that emphasize active listening, clarity of expression, and the ability to convey ideas with impact. Leaders will learn to articulate their vision, provide constructive feedback, and create an environment where open communication flourishes. Cultivating Creativity: Leaders will discover the art of sparking creativity within their teams. Through improv games designed to stimulate ideation, participants will gain practical insights into fostering a brainstorming culture that encourages diverse thinking and innovation. Fostering Connection: Learn the art of leading meaningful dialogues that nurture supportive, safe, and cohesive teams. Through improv-based activities, leaders will develop skills in creating an inclusive atmosphere, addressing conflicts constructively, and building trust among team members. Who it’s for: Organizational and community leaders, community health workers, teachers and facilitators Skills Focus: Clear and effective communication, how to facilitate brainstorming sessions, how to facilitate team/group dialogues for supportive, safe, and cohesive teams.

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